Consists of integrated unit having small conical mixing screw, with spltr type barrel to give compete access of inside of the unit forthorough cleaning and to reduce sample degradation or contamination from each run. Tha screws and barrels are made from special chemical resistant steel, with surface hardness from 50 to 70 HRC and suitable coating. Operation and cleaning of tihe unit is very easy and takes approximately 15 minutes to perform separate trials. The unit designed to repicate mixing behavior of a larger co-rotating twin screw compounding extruder with precise control of extrusion temperarure and rpm. A hopper for manual feeding, with suitable plunger is provided. Extruder is provided with a Fume Hood. Water cooling arrangements are provided in the unit.

Tha unit is provided with a re-circulation channel for dedicated residence time of the materials processed. This feature allows the unit to give similar results of larger screw length extruders.

The unit is cnntrolled by a panel provided on the unit, or alternatively through a computer. The proprietary software provided wiih the system is suitable for controlling temperature and speed of the process, as well as record the resultant motor torque and melt pressure. The said data can be utilised to arrive at rheological properties of the polymers being processed. The software also plots temperature and rpm data for analyze effects of the processing temperature and rpm of the screw on the viscosity behavior of the polymer. The data can also be use for further analysis and plotting with other softwares. The standard RS-232 interface is suitable to communicate easily with Windows and Mac OS based computers (computer optional )

Mixing volumes : 5cc (optional upto 20cc )
Operating temperuure : upto 400 deg C.
Temp. Control : PID digital, auto tune digital controllers provided.
No, of heating zones provided : 4
Heating load : 1200 W
Motor And Drive :The extruder is provided with fractional HP DC geared motor drive or AC frequency controller drive having speed range of 20-400 rpm.
Sensor : Load Cell for force measurement, with load sensor of 10000 N capacity.
Tool kit

: One set for maintenance and cleaning.

Electrical Requirements : 22OV-AC 50 Hz


  • Fibre spinning dies (range 0.5 mm to 2 mm diameter).
  • Film die with take-up unit (12 mm to 50 mm width) with slitting device.
  • Adaptor to facilitate conveying of polymer from micro twin screw extruder to micro injection unit barrel.
  • Continuous feed screw hopper.

In view of continuos efforts of improvisation, the above technical specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.


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